Rumors of Xbox Games Coming to Switch & Google’s GDC Reveal – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 132


On this week’s episode of the OK Beast Podcast, the crew discusses rumors of Xbox Games coming to Switch, Reggie Fils-Aime retiring, Dreams releasing on PlayStation 4 in limited early access, and what we expect from Google’s reveal event at GDC next month. Also, Alex is now an esports free agent.

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News Links:

Rumor: Microsoft Bringing Game Pass And Published Titles To Switch

Scalebound Rumored For The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime to Retire: Doug Bowser Named New President

Dreams will finally launch this Spring on PS4 for $30—in “limited early access”

Google Could Be About To Announce Huge Gaming News

What’s Up:

Wargroove, Titanfall 2, Battlefield V, Bioshock Infinite

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

Jackson Wells asks, “How will Nintendo of America be affected by having Bowser as the CEO?”

Ed Santana asks, “What is best storytelling?”

Ryan Othman asks, “Is there a bubble in video games? Production costs have increased and publishers are spending a lot to ship games and even with record sales, we see layoffs. BUT if large publishers leave the games industry (Konami) to pursue other investments, the industry crashes. Thoughts?”

Jared Schuh asks, “What is everyone’s favorite Reggie Fils-Aime quote?”

Antonio asks, “What are your most anticipated March releases?”

Oliver asks, “What’s your favorite Reggie moment and/or meme/gif? For me, nothing is gonna beat “My body is ready” because you can use it for basically anything.”

Neil asks, “If these Microsoft/Switch rumors are true, what Microsoft exclusives besides Ori would you like to see on Switch?”

Also, Brian “Nabeshin” Jackson writes in with a little game for the OK Beast Podcast crew to play, wherein they have to quickly come up with witty names for hypothetical video game podcasts.

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