New Apex Legends Champion Rumored and Gibraltar’s Hitbox – Jump Master Episode 4


On this week’s episode of Jump Master, the crew takes a look at a rumored new Apex Legends champion and dissects the game’s current meta. Blessing, Alex, and John also discuss each of the characters hitboxes after the community spoke out against Gibraltar’s disadvantage in that area. After Fortnite implemented the ping system from Apex Legends, the guys share which other games they think would benefit from the system.

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Champion Chat:

Let’s break down the Apex Legends meta.

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Listener Questions (Tweet Us @OKBeastNow):

Riana: How much money do you see yourself spending on Apex Legends over the next year?

Drbadllama asks, “Thoughts on re-deploy tweaks?”

Michael Hammond asks “Bunker…Is this the best landing spot or the best?

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