Devil May Cry 5 & Gearbox Teases Borderlands 3 – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 135

The OK Beast Podcast crew discusses Devil May Cry 5 extensively, Borderlands 3 and the other games Gearbox is teasing for PAX East, and Judgment being pulled from store shelves in Japan after one of the game’s voice actors and models was arrested for alleged cocaine use. Lastly, the guys discuss No Man’s Sky Beyond, Back 4 Blood, and the Avengers Endgame trailer!
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News Links:

No Man’s Sky Beyond / No Man’s Sky Online Announced

Judgement Voice Actor gets busted for Cocaine, Game gets pulled from stores in Japan

Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode comes out March 25

Borderlands 3 looks more and more likely to be revealed at PAX East after Gearbox Tweet + Another game? + A THIRD GAME??

What’s Up:

Devil May Cry 5, Subnautica, Back 4 Blood, Captain Marvel, Avengers Endgame Trailer

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

Barrett Courtney asks, “We playing castle crashers when it inevitably gets announced for PS4 and Switch?”

Jared Schuh asks, “Who is best boy in DMC5?”

Emmett Watkins asks, “How in Lord’s name is V and Nico so attractive?”

Ryan Othman asks, “What do you want more, Borderlands 3 or Back 4 Blood? I want B4B personally”

Zeke Herman asks, “How much of a success would No Man’s Sky have been, if Sony didn’t rush Hello games to release it? I feel it would’ve been much better served as a solid PS5 launch exclusive. #OKBP

Riana asks, “What changes would you like to see from Borderlands 2 / PreSequel to Borderlands 3? What aspects must remain the same for you to be on board?”

Kam asks, “Is Claptrap gonna dab?  I think claptrap is totally gonna fucking dab.”

Keylocke asks, “Did you feel that you wanted a more hard difficulty than devil hunter out of the gate instead of having to unlock it and do you see u ourselves going back to visit it when the bloody palace dlc comes out?”

Stephen Fontana asks, “Do you think Borderlands 3 will be in classic Borderlands four player co-op style, or do you think they take on the Shooter genre head on with that Borderlands charm? I hope it is a mix of both. A smaller server that is consistent, but you can invite buddies to co-op story.”

“So with Borderlands 3 on the horizon (I hope), should one pull the trigger on Division 2 or just wait for Borderlands? With Apex taking over my console gaming life, I fear there will be no room for THREE of these bad boys. Thoughts?”

Zachary Davis asks, “Halo: The Master Chief Collection is coming to PC, with Halo: Reach being added to the package and receiving a remaster! What are your favorite Halo games, and what features would you like to see brought forward for Halo: Infinite, and what would you like to see removed?”

Monti asks, “Favorite character in capn marvel?!“

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