The Calm Before the E3 Storm and New Podcast Schedule – Jump Master Episode 15


On this week’s Jump Master episode, the crew discusses the fact that things are a bit slow for Apex Legends leading up to E3, Jump Master’s new schedule, Apex Legends vs. Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Respawn’s most recent check-in regarding slow-motion servers, audio issues, and piggy-backing.

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Respawn Checks In

The Apex Legends team is growing and “tons of stuff” is in the pipe

Listener Questions:

Micah Morris asks, “@OKBeastNow currently battle pass level 75 on apex. Super bored with the game but that havoc skin is calling my name. What to do? #jumpmaster

Pokkayman asks, “@OKBeastNow #JumpMaster alright this question is an easy one. Apex Legends coming to mobile is obviously attempting to cater to Asia, particularly India and China, like Pubg Mobile already is. Also, Cod mobile is coming out soon as well. Anyways, is this really the best time Apex mobile should be coming out? Because FPS is not an issue on mobile mostly, but i still don’t feel them launching mobile at least this year. What are y’alls thoughts?”

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