The E3 2019 Predictions Show – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 144

On this week’s OK Beast Podcast, the crew discusses League of Legends, Call of Duty 2020’s reported upheaval, a new PlayStation movie studio, and of course, our E3 2019 predictions.

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News Links:

Sources: Call of Duty 2020 In Upheaval As Treyarch Takes Over, Plans Black Ops 5

PlayStation Productions, headed by Asad Qizilbash and overseen by SIE chairman of Worldwide Studios Shawn Layden, will develop and produce projects based on the company’s catalog of more than 100 games

What’s Up:

League of Legends, Trials: Rising, Dreams

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

Andrew Cogswell asks, “Nintendo has a stacked last half of the year with no release dates on games that are supposed to arrive in 2019. Do any of them get pushed to 2020 and if so which ones? Do you expect us to see any big surprises similar to Metroid Prime 4 or Luigi 3 from Nintendo? If so, what? – To save you guys time, were supposed to see Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Luigis Mansion, Astral Chain, and Link’s Awakening before the end of the year.”

Clint Gilmore asks, “What franchise do you want to see Sony bring to the big screen? Can we please get an 8 Mile style movie with Parappa the Rapper?”

Paul Warren asks, “If you were design, which one would you do: 1) fine-tune mechanics and make a story around it, or 2) write a great story and then design the mechanics around that?”

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