Death Stranding Release Date & Void Bastards Impressions – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 145


The OK Beast Podcast crew discusses the Death Stranding release date trailer, the inventive roguelite Void Bastards, Team Sonic Racing, Pokemon Sleep, and a new Modern Warfare game coming in October. In the Listener Questions segment of the show, the guys talk about the best Taco Bell orders and categorize video game publishers by their best and worst qualities.

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News Links:

The Pokemon Announces Pokemon Sleep, Pokemon Go Plus+, Pokemon Shirts, and Pokemon Masters during a fever dream of a press conference

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Announced

Square Enix’s Marvel game is called Marvel’s Avengers, and will be shown in some form at E3

Marvel’s Avengers will Feature Hero Customization, Single-Player, and Multiplayer

Xbox Game Pass Announced for E3

A new Death Stranding Trailer dropped revealing a November 8th release date

What’s Up:

Blood & Truth, Void Bastards, Team Sonic Racing, Final Fantasy 7, Raising Kratos Documentary

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

Chloe asks, “After the amazing and successful launch of Pokémon Sleep, Niantic and the Pokémon Company approach you for new ideas. What’s the next Pokémon __ game you pitch?”

Andrew Middlemas asks, “Any interest in talking about Larian (Divinity original Sin/Sin 2) teasing Baldurs Gate 3”

Zachary Davis asks, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare looks to be the first major AAA game to feature crossplay across PC and consoles. Do you think this will open the floodgates for more AAA crossplay? Which franchises would you most like to see incorporate this feature?”

Keylocke asks, “If you were held down and forced to get a gaming tattoo what would it be of….3….2…1….Go”

Alec H asks, “I am curious on your thoughts to the reaction to the Pokémon press conference. It got a lot of slack and mockery by the public and honestly, I didn’t think it was that bad, they even had a couple of cool announcements (Detective Pikachu, Pokemon Home, etc).”

Ben Schow asks, “What’s your go-to Taco Bell order?”

Paul Warren asks, “Since playstation isn’t attending, is it possible for Devolver Digital to “win” E3?”

Nabeshin writes in: “What up Beast Bois, So I wanted to give you all a thought experiment. I will be providing you all with a list of popular video game companies I want you all to come to a consensus on what makes this particular company the best in class and what makes it the worst. And when I say the best/worst, I mean only this company can pull this off no other one does it like them. So like you can’t say Sony has the best original IPs and then say the exact same thing for Nintendo for example. I think this gives us a good  perspective of why we love and appreciate said company while also acknowledging their shortcomings and what they really should improve on. Also make these arguments somewhat current and not dig up past accomplishments/failures.”

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