PlayStation VR’s Excellent Week: Trover Saves the Universe and Blood & Truth


Playstation VR has slowly become a platform that has legitimized itself. This last week of fantastic releases has furthered cemented that.

Video Script:

Yo what’s up! My name is Blessing and this is OK Beast. And this right here is PSVR, a platform which most PlayStation owners don’t have. However, most that do, are treated to a plethora of unique experiences. During the week of May 27th, 2019, quite a few new games were released for psvr and I want to quickly touch on two specific ones that have kinda blown me away.

Trover Saves the Universe is a game from Justin Roiland, the voice and one of the minds behind Rick and Morty. What Trover is, is not Rick and Morty. It’s actually an action-platformer that is surprisingly, mechanically deep, given that Squanch Games, the developer of the game, previously developed Accounting, a game with a similar sense of humor. Accounting was more focused on the writing and interactive moments, but Trover Saves the Universe is a full-on action-platformer with upgrades, platforming levels, a health bar, puzzles and more. It also feels surprisingly good to play. Think like the most recent Ratchet and Clank game or Astro Bot Rescue Mission but with a lightsaber, and you’re a Chairorpean – a race of people who are always sitting in chairs… the humor is very stupid, in a good way.

Even though the action elements of Trover are in full effect here, the hilarious and often ridiculous, improvisational writing and humor that you would expect from Justin Roiland and Squanch games is of course here as well. [scenes]

Trover Saves the Universe is the most that I think I’ve ever laughed out loud while playing a video game. There’s not much like it, because video games don’t necessarily tackle comedy as much as I think they should, but even more so because the brand of humor in Trover is unique to the style of Justin Roiland. You have a lot of the rambly, sometimes slurred delivery that you’d see from Rick and Morty. You have the nonsensical scenario driven stuff. But the thing that kind of drives home the humor here is how much of it there is. Dialogue keeps going way passed the cut off that you’d expect and the longer you sit and listen, the deeper down the well things go.

Trover Saves the Universe also stays somewhat clear of the existentialism and weird science that Rick and Morty is known for and sometimes critiqued for. It’s not talking down to the audience. Trover is really just the stupid funny bits of Rick and Morty, and a barrage of it. Because of that, I can’t recommend it enough. On the complete opposite note, another game released during the week for PSVR, and dare I say, this game is the truth.

Blood & Truth is an action film in the form of a video game. You play as an army man who’s arriving home after his dad passes away. You’re a part of a rich british crime family and once you arrive back home, a rival family starts trouble in attempts to use your father’s death as an opportunity to capitalize.

Blood & Truth commits to being british in the best ways possible. The game offers a bombastic soundtrack highlighted by british grime rap, and the dialogue between characters is filled with London slang – words like “mate” and “insert gameplay clip here” – the dialogue really made me FEEL British. The characters are great, well acted, and surprisingly well fleshed out as your brother, mother, and sister all play crucial roles in the story. It’s very Fast & Furious-like in how it treats its characters. The main villain not only feels like a threat, but like a badass with how he speaks and delivers his lines.

Blood & Truth is a game filled with moments and set pieces. It’s basically an on-rails light gun shooter but feels like it’s more than that. There are segments where I’ve gone without shooting a gun for about 30 minutes and I felt entertained the whole way through because of the great pacing and performances. When I AM shooting a gun though, this is when Blood & Truth shines brightest because the variety of weapons and tactile feel of every action you perform feels involved and the choices you make not only feel like they matter, but they’re fun to make. Do I dual-wield two pistols or have a shotgun in my left hand in case an enemy is feeling risky? Reloading and switching guns with the Playstation Move controller is done through movement. I actively grab ammo from my pouch, shove it into my weapon and if tensions are high, blind-fire in a direction praying that I’ve hit my target. Blood & Truth is satisfying, entertaining, and feels like a new experience for Playstation VR.

This last week of game releases has been a benchmark week for Playstation VR and that’s without me even mentioning Five Nights At Freddy’s VR which also came out this week.

I guess I talk about this all to say that Playstation VR has slowly legitimized itself as a platform you should have. Beat Saber and Astro Both were both game of the year contenders in my eyes and the experiences I’ve had in this thing are now getting to the point of being memorable and special in the grand scope of games I’ve played even outside of VR. This last week of fantastic releases has further cemented that, so if you have PSVR, I’d say give those games a shot, they’re fun. And if you don’t have PSVR or virtual reality in general, maybe someday soon… I’ll see you inside.

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