Our Favorite Games of E3 2019 – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 146

On this week’s OK Beast Podcast, Alex, Blessing and Brandon sit down to share their favorite games of E3 2019, along with some underrated favorites from the show. In the What’s Up section, the guys discuss PlayStation VR game Trover Saves the Universe, Fortnite Season 9, and more. Also, Alex bought an Oculus Rift S. In the Listener Question segment, Brian “Nabeshin” Jackson writes in with a really fun video game dating show game that the guys participate in.

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What’s Up:

Trover Saves the Universe, Oculus Rift S, Overwatch, Fortnite Season 9, FutureGrind, No Man’s Sky

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

Alex O’Neill asks, “I have my own reasons, but for our BotW fans that are hosts, why is a sequel to Breath of the Wild even MORE exciting than an entirely new Zelda game?”

Keylocke asks, “Least Favorite Game or Conference of E3?”

Caitlin Galiz-Rowe asks, “When will there be justice for Bayonetta?”

Clint Gilmore asks, “What do you want to see from the new Zelda AKA Death of the Wild? Any changes you’d like to see from the last game?”

Brendan White asks, “What’s the bigger gaming achievement, getting The Witcher 3 onto a Switch cart or Death Stranding somehow coming out in 2019?”

Nabeshin writes in with an E3 Mystery Video Game Dating game that Alex, Blessing, and Brandon participate in.

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