Moises is Leaving OK Beast – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 148


On this week’s OK Beast Podcast, we talk about the fact that Moises is leaving OK Beast and what’s next for Moises. The crew shares their impressions of the newly released mystery game, Outer Wilds, their thoughts on Dr. Disrespect’s return to Twitch, the unfortunate passing of Etika, and more.

We’re sad to see Moises go but we’re excited to see where his journey takes him. As our youngest member, he’s been able to contribute mature articles that have widened the scope of our subject matter and increased the breadth of our thought.

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Dr. Disrespect is back on twitch after being banned during E3

Subscriber Streams are Coming to Twitch

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have written a joint letter to oppose proposed tariffs from the Trump administration.

Etika passes away at 29

What’s Up:

Outer Wilds, Beat Saber Imagine Dragons DLC, Detroit: Become Human, Cadence of Hyrule, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

Cody Sixx asks, Considering Dr. Disrespect broke the law and how many times he’s been banned before, do you think 2 week suspension is good enough punishment? He seems to have completely laughed it off.”

Caitlin Galiz-Rowe asks, How are you all dealing with the summer slump/lack of one this year?”

Clint Gilmore asks,Are there any specific games or game styles you gravitate toward to get you out of a gaming rut?”

Alex O’Neill asks,Where are all of you at with Make-and-Share games á la Mario Maker/Dreams. I know Bless has a special place for Dreams, but overall, do you find yourself making more? Playing more? How do you get over the hump of being too afraid to make levels, and how do you start?”

Chris Nelson asks, F, Marry, Kill: Tony Hawk, SSX, and Skate”

Alec Bobko asks, What do you do when you want to play games, but nothing is sticking? I’ve been bouncing between so many games the past fe w weeks because nothing is really holding my attention at the moment. I did start Moonlighter last night, and from the 30 minutes I played, I like it so far.”

John Bernardo asks,Blessing showed us his insane list of upcoming games. If you had to drop 1 game in order to get all the other games on your list. Which would it be and why?”

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