Our Favorite Tactics for Apex Legends – Jump Master Episode 20


On this week’s Jump Master episode, the crew discusses their favorite tactics and strategies for Apex Legends Season 2 and the fact that Respawn is forcing cheating players to play against each other in matches.

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Champion Chat:

Ignacio Urbina H. writes in, “Hi legends! What are your thoughts on:

  • Best weapon combo?
  • Best way to rotate?
  • Best strategy for dropping?
  • Best way to defend/hold a compound? (Alex: Causfic / Watson comp, keeping doors open)
  • Best legends combination?
  • Best sensitivity settings? (Alex: 3/3 or 4/3 on Controller)
  • R99 or Alternator?
  • Most common mistakes you see when people engage in gun fights?” (Alex: knowing when to heal and when to help finish the fight)”


Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

Anthony Rivadeneira writes in, “During the latest episode of Apex you guys briefly talked about Ranked Mode. I just want to say, as an Apex pleb, I absolutely love ranked mode. I play PC and, before ranked, would go many games with zero damage. Playing Apex was a frustrating experience. It was a game I wanted to love, but just could not put in enough time into to enjoy.  The tipping point for me was when, in season one, I played against someone who had 20,000 kills; I vowed to stop player until they addressed the massive skill gap. I’ve been playing the last few days and have enjoyed every moment of it. Keep up the great work!”

Steve Fontana writes in, “What is GOOD my dudes? I want to talk about Ranked modes. I have noticed that all too often I am put in pretty bad situations if I play with Ranos in Ranked mode. People still seem to think they can do whatever they want and it leads to some quick deaths. 

This leads me to my question: Should Apex have a system with point loss forgiveness if you teammates abandon you/play horrible? I think paying a point to play silver is fine and all, but losing that point when you didn’t even have a chance to fire your gun because your teammate engaged with a squad when you didn’t even get body armor kinda sucks. Thoughts? Do I just need to git gud?”

Apex Character of the Week:

Deputron – The Robot Sheriff’s Deputy – Assault

Howdy Partner! Deputron is the robotic deputy sheriff in a fictional world in the Apex Games Theme Park. A young girl named Olga reprogr ammed the prop to be an exquisite combatant in the Apex Arena. Her proficiency with hand guns is second to none and her keen eye for vials is the key to victory in a showdown.

Passive Ability – Trigger Finger 

Deputron can fire & reload pistols at a higher rate than most. +10% fire rate and 20% reload rate. 

Tactical Ability – Lasso em’ Cowgirl

You throw an electric lasso at an enemy. You pull them towards you and stun them dealing shield damage. 

Ultimate Ability – High Noon

Time for diplomacy is over. You go into overkill mode. The world goes black and white, except heads and hearts of the enemy. They glow bright red and appear larger. Heart shots deal head shot damage.

Lastly, Hertel3K writes in, So fun story. I was challenge hunting with a buddy of mine and at the end of our session I only needed 6 HP damage in airbase to finish off one of my weeklies. Easy right? Well we dropped there 3 straight matches and NOBODY else came with and the circle never closed near us. I was going to just call it a night and save the challenge for another time when my buddy pulled a rabbit out of his hat. Have you guys ever heard of “fishing?” Apparently it’s a tactic that some streamers use to try and rack up more kills. Basically you just fire your gun like you are shooting at another team and thirsty fools will start heading your way. So we start having a fake fight with each other for about 5 minutes (our third must’ve thought we were insane). But low and behold right before the circle started closing a team came pushing ALLLLLL the way from bunker at us. Needless to say we had the high ground and took them all out when they were shocked to discover they were NOT a third party. It was one of the most hilarious yet 200 IQ moments of my apex career. And after nearly getting out of the circle alive, we ended up finishing 2nd (our random quit during that firefight when he was knocked). So if you are ever desperate for action, or needing to do kills or damage in an area for challenge; sit back, relax, crack open a beer, and start fishing”

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