Ultimate Alliance 3 Impressions & Pitching Our Next Gen Consoles – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 152


On this week’s OK Beast Podcast, the crew discusses Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, a new Overwatch tank named Sigma, and Nintendo Joy-Con drift. In the Topic of the Show, Alex, Blessing, Ian, and Brandon each pitch their own next-gen console coming 2020 – featuring 5 core features, first-party studios, and a launch title.

In the What’s Up section, the guys talk about Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 and returning to No Man’s Sky’s main story.

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Joy-Con Drift Is Becoming A Real Problem On The Switch

Report: Nintendo Will Fix Broken Joy-Cons For Free, Refund Prior Repairs

Overwatch Reveals New Character “Sigma” Who Has Long Ass Toes

What’s Up:

Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2, No Man’s Sky

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

Alex O’Neill asks, “What games protagonist do you relate to the most? Currently playing through A Plague Tale and I feel a kindred spirit in Hugo, one of the protagonists. Who is yours? #OKBP”

Kam Konek asks, “What IP would you love to see an Ultimate Alliance-style game made with?”

Paul Warren asks, “What 4 Marvel Characters would you pick for Ultimate Alliance 3 if every character in Marvel history were playable? I might take Jessica Jones, Squirrel Girl, Spiderman, Rocket the Raccoon, a good mix of optimists and pessimists.”

Zachary Davis asks, “What are each of your go-to teams in MUA3? I’m rocking Spidey, Daredevil, Ghost Rider, and the Hulk, but I haven’t unlocked everyone yet. Are you looking forward to any particular DLC characters, and which unannounced characters do you hope to see?”

Jared Schuh asks, “Talk about how BS that — — fight is.” 

Drew asks, “1) Do you believe Tarantino was involved in Sigma’s design process? 2) What franchise do you want to see get the “Spider-Verse” treatment? Ex. James Bond, Bonds together preventing multiple large scale disasters together or something.”

Ed Santana asks, “How many games do you buy a year?”

Chase Williams asks, “What is currently driving progress in videogames the most? Advancement in technology, the intent and creativity of developers, or the goal of commercial success?”

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