Apex Legends Solo Mode & Respawn Teases More Crypto Details – Jump Master Episode 21


On this week’s Jump Master episode, Blessing and Alex discuss Apex Legends getting a limited-time solo mode called The Iron Crown Collection, Respawn developer Tina Sanchez teasing more Crypto details, and the most popular drop zones based on a Reddit user analyzing over 120,000 matches.

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Champion Chat:

An Apex Legends Player Analyzed Over 100,000 Matches To Find The Most Popular Drop Zones

The data was posted on Reddit by user ZYy9oQ, who has used a tracking program to gather information from over 120,000 Apex Legends games.


Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

Steve Fontana writes in with the character of the week:

Chance – The Gambler – Support

It started with Dirk Treski placing bets at the Apex games. Soon he found himself betting on all kinds of events in games; the weapon used in the final kill, location of the final circle etc. The thrill was never enough and now he is entering into the games to gamble on himself. He has a unique ability to change the odds in his team’s favor, one item at a time. 

Passive Ability – I Got Lucky

Chance can gain ammo over time. 5 Bullets per minute. 

Tactical Ability – Place the Slots

Chance scrambles the contents of an open crate. Close an open-unlooted crate. Randomly changes the loot inside. 360 second cooldown. 

Ultimate Ability – Jackpot

Call down a massive “slot machine” (Think Lifeline package), your team can deposit items into it.  The more you put into it the rarer the item you receive. Once you put as much as you want in, you pull the lever and receive your prize.

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