Next-Gen Saints Row Announced & Nintendo Switch SNES Games Teased – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 155


On this week’s OK Beast Podcast, the crew discusses a next-gen Saints Row announced amidst a number of other things by a recent THQ Nordic report, Nintendo Switch SNES games being hinted at by a recent FCC filing regarding a Super Nintendo controller, Twitch promoting porn on Ninja’s offline channel, Walmart removing violent entertainment ads, and a lot more.

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Nintendo Is Cracking Down On Popular YouTube Music Channels

Walmart Reportedly Removing Violent Game Ads, Will Still Sell Guns

Ninja disgusted at Twitch after porn stream was promoted on his channel

Nintendo World Championship 2019 TV Series Coming to CBS

Nintendo hints at SNES games on Switch with FCC filing

THQ Nordic Interim Report

What’s Up:

Astroneer, Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

Sean Capri asks, “Alex Van Aken. What goes through your mind as @BlessingJr says “Alex Van Aken” at the start of the show?”

Adam Wells asks, “The video games industry will stop releasing games for 12 months. What games would you go back to your backlog (or even those that never made it to the backlog), and challenge yourself to complete in those 12 months?”

“The Genesis Mini launches in a month. Is any of the OKB crew getting it? What are you most looking forward to playing on it? Personally, I’m excited to play the Tetris port that was never officially released until this mini comes out.”

Ben Bellevue asks, “A lot of gaming (and general) news has been rough lately. What news from this week are you genuinely excited about?”

Jared Schuh asks, “If THQ Nordic offered to buy the IP rights for OKBeast, would you let them buy it? Because, you know, they buy everything.”

Andrew Cogswell asks, “Number one game from SNES you want on Switch? Also, what’s Toad’s D&D alignment and why is it chaotic neutral?”

Clint Gilmore asks, “If OK Beast got crazy popular and each of you were to sell a product in the vein of Belle Delphine’s gamer girl bath water, what would it be?”

Alec Bobko asks, “If you had the money to fund an indie game, what would it look like?”

Crystal Storm asks, “What do you guys think of the epic store ‘upgrade’?”

Drew asks, “What is your favorite trailer for a movie?”

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