Breaking Down the Best Gamescom Announcements – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 156


On this week’s OK Beast Podcast, the crew breaks down the best Gamescom announcements, tries to figure out what in the heck Death Stranding is, and discusses Sony acquiring Insomniac Games and Xbox snooping on Kinect users.

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Sony Interactive Entertainment Acquires Insomniac Games

Xbox is Watching us

For the 18th time, what is Death Stranding

What’s Up:

Erica, Destiny 2, No Man’s Sky Beyond, Team Fight Tactics

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

Brandon Hunt The @HVYSTRK boys want to know how long YOUR Death Stranding ladder is?”

Pedro Venegas asks, “Has there ever been a game that you loved so much you had to 100% it? Personally for me it was Horizon Zero Dawn and Spider-Man because I loved the worlds in these games and I wanted to see it all.”

StarWitch asks, “Sell me on gamer chairs.  I don’t understand what’s different than a normal comfy chair.”

Drew asks, “Should the Battlefront series been treated as a game as a service title from the start like R6 Siege instead of putting out a controversial sequel and then treating it like a games as a service?”

Zachary Davis asks, “Which title will we see first from the new Sony/Insomniac relationship: Spider-Man 2 or a new Ratchet & Clank?”

PixelBrave asks, “what are some cool looking “save game/lobby type” UI’s you’ve seen in games this year? #OKBP”

Andrew Taylor asks, “What does it take to be a REAL gamer?”

Cameron Abbot asks, “We all know you love gamer feet. But what particularly are you into? Toes? The heels? The lil arch? More gamer feets talk.”

AJ McRae asks, “Do you think Spider-Man leaving the MCU will affect Marvel Games’ collaborations with PlayStation at all? Would they attempt to sandbag Spider-Man in other mediums like they seem to do with other non-MCU properties?”

Alexandru asks, “Memes and jokes aside, where are each of you on Death Stranding? In? Out? What in the fuck is going on? ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY! Furthermore, what do you anticipate the reception to this game to be? What if it isn’t great. What do you anticipate the backlash to be for this?”

Keylocke asks, “What’s your favorite anime cop game that comes out next week?”

Andrew Cogswell asks, “What’s your favorite fire emblem meme? Is Alex still digging his VR set? I remember he got one and haven’t heard him talk about it in awhile.”

Xyger asks, “Why did people wait 2 hours to see Norman Reedus Pee, then fulfill his life long dream of being an Amazon delivery man to Geoff Keighley, and then fall off a cliff? Also do you think the rocking of the controller to calm the BB is optional?”

Chris Nelson asks, “Here’s the sitch: Your local community theater is being closed by Jeff Bezos unless you can raise the money to save it. You have one chance: Put on a Broadway musical of any video game franchise. Which game is it gonna be, which famous actor will you recruit, and will it succeed?”

Nabeshin’s Dating Game Game (Ian has to ask the crew questions like they’re on a dating show for video games.)

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