Respawn Stealth-Drops Apex Legends Voidwalker Event – Jump Master Episode 23


On this week’s Jump Master episode, Alex is joined by returning guest, Andrew Taylor of Panel to Panel, to discuss the Apex Legends Voidwalker Event, including a new Wraith skin, brand new changes to Kings Canyon, Armed and Dangerous mode, and more!

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Champion Chat:

Let’s talk about the Voidwalker Event and the frequency at which Respawn Entertainment is dropping new content for the game.

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

Ricky Salani asks, “Apex suggestion: really enjoy your podcast my brothers. How would you guys feel if apex let you set a top 3 character selection. That way no matter what you would always be a character you prefer. Just in case you’re not paying attention on the selection screen.”

Steve Fontana asks, “The Iron Crown Event kind of ruined the game for me for a little bit. It felt like such a futile endeavor. A ton of work for few rewards, the biggest one of which was pay walled. It was a tone deaf event. My suggestion is this: Sell all Items. Here is how I would price it:

Base Blue Items: $0.99

Limited Time Rare Items: $1.99

Base Purple Items: $1.99

Limited Purple Items: $2.99

Base Legendary Items: $4.99

Limited Legendary Items: $7.99

Think about this for a minute: How fast would you spend $10-20 for a handful of items you want over spending $20 on ONE item you want? They are pricing themselves out. You can get more people to spend if the barrier to spending is lower. “

Character of the Week: 

Hassassin – The Silent Blade – DPS

Hassassin is a bounty hunter of the Frontier. He has never failed a bounty hunt, except one. Bloodhound. In order to fulfil his contract to an unknown benefactor, Hassassin entered the Apex Games with one goal in mind; Kill Bloodhound, no matter what. (If Bloodhound is on his team he has lines that he says along the lines of “when this is over…your soul shall be mine, Cousin”).

Passive Ability – Now you see me…

When you stand perfectly still for 5 seconds you go invisible. Discovered if an enemy is within 5 meters of you or you move/shoot, or you are scanned by Bloodhound.

Tactical Ability – Weak Spot

You activate your keen sense for weakness. You can see what armor your opponents are wearing. (Color coded)

Ultimate Ability – Assassinate

You become one with your blade.For 15 seconds your melee damage is increased to 100 per hit. You gain 10% more speed with each kill. Stackable.

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