Hands-On Borderlands 3 Impressions & Apple Arcade Launch – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 159


On this week’s OK Beast Podcast, the crew shares their hands-on impressions of Borderlands 3, discusses the launch of Apple Arcade, and in lieu of news or a Topic of the Show, answers dozens of listener questions.

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Over an hour of new Death Stranding Content

Resident Evil Project Resistance

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Releasing January 17, 2020

Nioh 2 launches early 2020

New Final Fantasy VII trailer

Polygon Borderlands 3 review: third time’s a chore

What’s Up:

The guys played and talked about the following games this episode: Apple Arcade Launch, Borderlands 3, Control

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

Danny Escobar: Predictions for Sony’s State of Play coming up on Tuesday?

Belinda Garcia: Not sure if any of you are physical copy-lovers, but does having all these games immediately accessible and download-only suffice for you, or do you still crave having physical copies?

Jurge: Are any of y’all concerned that subscription services like Arcade & Game Pass may create a weird perception on the value of games? They’re great services that break financial barriers for some players, but it also kinda feels weird to get so many new indies for free

Brandon Hunt: The @HVYSTRK bois say hi and also wanna know what y’all think about that 49 min Death Stranding presentation

Mike Phillips: Any speculation on what they might cover at sonys state of play. Last of us is kind of a duh. Do u think we could see some ghost of tsushima?

Barrett Courtney: Last of Us 2 Release Date Bets. #

Darby: What’s one video game you would like a reboot of and why? Or what video game do you could wipe off the earth bc it wasted ur time?

Dylan Tierney: Best game music of the year so far?

Emmett Watkins Jr.: Y’all trying out this Modern Warfare beta? Either way, tho, do you think the controversies from its inclusion of White Phosferous and it’s the darker tone for campaign will do anything to negatively impact it? The campaign is supposed to be publicly revealed pretty soon.

Clint Gilmore: If each of you could create a Pokemon, what would it be? Name, type, what is it based off of, etc.

Connor Titsworth: With the frequency of amazing releases seemingly at an all time high, how do you manage your backlog, and how do you decide when a game (or any piece of media for that matter just isn’t for you) after picking it up?

Steve Fontana: do conventions and trade shows matter anymore? Discuss

Alec H.: Topic for you: do you think this is Nintendo’s best year ever (for the Switch)? We have already gotten great games, and we still have more to come (Pokémon, Luigi’s, Zelda, etc). It really feels like Nintendo is going all out this year

@AQuickAside: With the Col. Sanders dating sim, do you think we could see a resurgence of the mascot game? Which mascot most needs a game, what type of game should it be, and what developer would you want to make it?

Molly: Is there a real life country/region you would like to see turned into a region in Pokemon? For example, Gen 5 Unova is based on New York, Gen 7 Alola is based on Hawaii, and Gen 8 Galat is based on the United Kingdom/Europe, etc.

Xyger: 1. Do you think Microsoft will join 2007 and have their next gen controller feature an internal battery? Or do you think they’ll continue to force consumers to either buy AA batteries in bulk or sell Battery Packs separately? Personally I think the later is anti-consumer.

  1. The French court says steam must allow its users to be able to resell their games. This decision will most likely also affect the rest of the EU. What are your thoughts on reselling steam games and do you think this will go beyond the EU?


Jared Schuh: What older Pokémon do you think deserves a new evolution as Farfetch’d is to Sir Fetch’d?

Ryan Othman asks, “What is the most terrible pokemon design you can come up with? Nothing is off limits, Mr. Mime still scares me more than Pennywise the Dancing Clown”

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