Crypto Impressions & Apex Legends’ World’s End Map – Jump Master Episode 25


On this week’s Jump Master episode, Alex and Blessing are joined by returning guest, Andrew Taylor of Panel to Panel, to share our impressions of Crypto, World’s End, the new Charge Rifle, and everything else introduced in Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown!

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Champion Chat:

Season 3 has launched!

  • New legend: Crypto (break down abilities)
    • Crypto LORE
    • NEUROLINK (Passive) – Crypto and his teammates see what his Surveillance Drone detects up to a 30m distance.
    • SURVEILLANCE DRONE (Tactical) – Deploy an aerial camera drone. 40 second cooldown if destroyed.
    • DRONE EMP (Ultimate): Charge up an EMP from your drone. The blast deals 50 shield damage, slows players, and destroys traps.
  • King’s Canyon is gone for now, World’s End is new Map (with a train, flying robots with flickering loot drops, and locked loot vaults)
  • New weapon: charge rifle (takes energy / sniper attachments)
  • Disruptor Rounds and Skullpiercer are gone, replaced by Anvil Receiver and Double Tap hop-ups
  • Battle Pass Review

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

Ricky Salani asks, “Here’s another suggestion for the developers.  The kill should go to the person who deals the most damage to that enemy. It sux to see your buddies damage at 300 yours is at 1000 but he’s the one with 3 kills.”

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