Shawn Layden Departs Sony & PlayStation Cross-Play Opens to Devs – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 161


On this week’s OK Beast Podcast, the crew discusses Shawn Layden departing Sony, PlayStation cross-play opening up to all developers as a tool, and director Jeff Kaplan stating that Nintendo can use any Overwatch characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In the What’s Up section, the guys discuss MediEvil, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Apex Legends: Season 3, and more!

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Super Smash Bros can have ‘any single one’ of the Overwatch roster, director says

PS4 Cross-Play Exits Beta, Now a Full Feature For Developers

Bungie Will Release At Least One Non-Destiny Game by 2025

Shawn Layden departs Sony amid restructuring confusion and potential power struggle

What’s Up:

The guys played and talked about the following games this episode: MediEvil Demo, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Beta, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Link’s Awakening, Apex Season 3, Borderlands 3

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

Alexandru asks, “With Overwatch coming to switch, do you see potentially EA trying to get Apex on switch too? I ask because Overwatch being a more intricate visual game than say Fortnite, do you think something like Apex is viable as well? (PLEASE LET IT HAPPEN.)”

Greysun asks, “If you had to choose one Overwatch character (who isn’t Tracer) for Smash DLC, who would you pick and why? #OKBP

Marshall asks, “Which Smash character would you want in Overwatch?”

Keylocke asks, “Do you think cross play will help fighting games out a bit if developers go back and add it? Like hopefully a bigger pool of people playing will help with getting in matches faster but do you think it will really make that much an impact?”

Riana asks, “Try to guess each other’s 5th favorite game”

Jared asks, “If we put every video game executive into a real Battle Royale, who would win?”

PixelBrave asks, “What do you think about when thinking about “favorite game”? Is it more of a gut reaction or do you really think hard about how much you connect with the mechanics/story/replay ability and all that jazz?”

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