Best Spooky Games & Disco Elysium Impressions – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 164


On this week’s OK Beast Podcast, the crew shares their impressions of classic role-playing detective game Disco Elysium as well as the first hour of The Outer Worlds. The guys also discuss spooky games, The Last of Us Part 2 being delayed until May 29, and Bethesda revealing a Fallout 76 subscription service called Fallout 1st.

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The Last of Us Part II is Delayed to May 29

Fallout 76 reveals paid subscription service Fallout 1st

Ubisoft Delays Its Major Titles and Reports Low Earnings for 2019 Titles

What’s Up:

The guys played and talked about the following games this episode: The Outer Worlds impressions, Disco Elysium, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, One Piece, Yooka Laylee

Topic of the Show:

We polled our audience to see what their favorite spooky games are and read off the results!

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