OK Beast Extra Life 2019 Trailer – Donate Now to Help Sick Kids


On November 9th & 10th, the OK Beast crew will be participating by streaming video games for 24 hours straight to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. We’re trying to raise $2,000 this year, and we need your help!

To learn more about the event, and to donate, click here.

Watch the shenanigans at Twitch.tv/OKBeastNow!

We have a bunch of milestones to hit this year and for each milestone we hit, OK Beast is doing something crazy on stream. Read more below.

Fundraising Milestones:

$100.00 – The Crew Plays Conan Exiles on Stream

$200.00 – OK Beast Plays Jackbox Party Pack with the Audience

$300.00 – Blessing Writes and Performs Another Diss Rap

$420.00 – OK Beast Makes a Tik Tok

$500.00 – Ian Quizzes The Crew on Anime: Losers Holds The Anime Body Pillow

$600.00 – OK Beast Ranks Every Single Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character

$800.00 – Nidhogg Pepper Challenge Tournament: Each Loser Eats a Hot Pepper

$1,000.00 – OK Beast Creates The 10 Commandments of Gaming

$1,250.00 – Alex v Brandon Blindfolded Overcooked Challenge: Loser Lets Blessing & Ian Post from their Instagram Stories

$1,500.00 – Bless v Crew Super Smash Bros Ultimate ULTIMATE: Winner(s) gets to tweet from the Loser(s)’s Twitter account(s).

$1,750.00 – Don’t Drink and Drive: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Challenge

$2,000.00 – Alex Dramatically Reads Fire Emblem: Three Houses Fan Fiction

$2,300.00  – Blessing Dramatically Reads Sonic The Hedgehog Fan Fiction

$2,500.00 – The Stream is Extended by an Hour

Individual Donation Tiers:

$10.00 – We Shout You Out During the Extra Life Stream

$30.00 – We Review Your Hot Take on Stream + Previous Tiers

$75.00 – Spin the Wheel & Deal with the Consequences + Previous Tiers

$100.00 – OK Beast Podcast Shout-Out + Previous Tiers

$150.00* – Decide an OK Beast Podcast “Topic of the Show” + Previous Tiers

$200.00** – Be a Guest on OK Beast’s Stir Fry Podcast + Previous Tiers

*Does Not Stack with Higher Tiers


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