The Outer Worlds Deep Dive & Modern Warfare Impressions – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 165


On this week’s OK Beast Podcast, the crew has an Outer Worlds deep dive wherein they discuss Obsidian’s latest RPG, including their early decisions at Edgewater (spoilers at the end of the show), the game’s various systems and mechanics, and they’re favorite companions so far. Alex shares his thoughts on the multiplayer offerings in Modern Warfare, specifically the two-versus-two Gunfight mode, finally asserting that “Call of Duty is back.”

Lastly, for the Topic of the Show, the guys indulge Blessing and break down the latest quarterly earnings from Nintendo, Ubisoft, Call of Duty, EA, and more!

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What’s Up:

The guys played and talked about the following games this episode: The Outer Worlds, Modern Warfare 2v2, Astral Chain

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