Death Stranding Impressions & X019 Recap – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 167


On this week’s OK Beast Podcast, the crew shares their Death Stranding impressions, reacts to all of the news from Blizzcon in early November, and break down all of the Xbox announcements from X019. In the What’s Up section, Brandon discusses his time participating in the Project Xcloud preview while Ian raves about the new mobile card game, TEPPEN.

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Every Major BlizzCon 2019 Announcement

X019 News Round Up

What’s Up:

The OK Beast Podcast crew played the following games this week: Death Stranding, Teppen: Capcom Card Game, The Outer Worlds, Project XCloud Preview

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

Paul Warren writes in, “After Hyrule and Persona, what would be the best franchise to be another spinoff Warriors/Mushu game?

A – Game of Thrones

B – Lord of the Rings

C – Marvel

D – Star Wars

E – Bible

D – Other _______”

Andrew Cogswell asks, OKB has had a wildly successful last two years, with 2019 in particular being pretty incredible. Where do you go now and how do you decide what direction to take the brand?”

Xyger asks, How do you feel about obsidian’s new game Grounded? A 4 player survival game that’s a mix of honey I shrunk the kids and A Bug’s Life. Personally, I’m a little sad they aren’t working on a RPG series for Xbox, given Obsidian’s amazing track record of RPG’s.”

John Maddock asks, Are we flying around the earth in Microsoft Flight Simulator for next extra life?”

Dylan asks, How does Microsoft make money off Gamepass?”

Zeke Herman asks, If y’all could give the Pokémon rights to any developer, would you give it to someone else or nah? #OKBP”

Alec Bobko asks,Is there a better deal in gaming than Gamepass/Gamepass Ultimate? If so, tell me because I want in!”

Pedro asks, Should I get an Xbox One S this Black Friday with the looming Project Scarlet next year? It’s gonna be $200 with Jedi Fallen Order deluxe edition.”

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