PlayStation 25th Anniversary & Next-Gen Xbox Hardware – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 169


On this week’s OK Beast Podcast, the crew discusses the recently reported disc-less next-gen Xbox model, Campo Santo confirming the status of In the Valley of Gods, and the PlayStation 25th Anniversary. In the What’s Up section, the guys discuss all of the games they played over the holidays, including Jedi: Fallen Order, Death Stranding, Pokémon Sword & Shield, and more.

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Sources: Microsoft Is Still Planning A Cheaper, Disc-Less Next-Gen Xbox

Valve and Campo Santo confirm In the Valley of Gods is “on hold” as developers work on Half-Life: Alyx, Dota Underlords, and other projects

What’s Up:

The OK Beast Podcast crew played the following games this week:

Jedi: Fallen Order, Pokemon Sword and Shield,  A Plague Tale: Innocence, Death Stranding, Astral Chain

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

It’s the 25th Anniversary of the PlayStation, so we asked our audience to write in with their favorite PlayStation moments.


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