VALORANT Hands-On Impressions & Final Fantasy 7 Remake – OK Beast Podcast #186


On this week’s OK Beast Podcast, the crew is joined by Uppercut’s Kayla Jouet to discuss VALORANT hands-on impressions, the opening hours of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, returning to Persona 5 Royal, XCOM: Chimera Squad launching this week, and more.

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A New XCOM Game is Coming Out Next Week

World of Warcraft Fan Servers Unleashes Days-Long Virtual Plague to Teach Covid-19 Prevention

What’s Up:

The crew has been playing the following games this week: VALORANT closed beta, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Persona 5 Royal, Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

Cly asks, “Which video game world would you most want to vacation in?”

Clint Gilmore: If you could design your own Animal Crossing villager to live in your town, what would it be like? Name, animal, personality, etc.

Ryan othman: JRPG, Strategy RPG, Western RPG. You only get to keep one, which subgenre survives?

Eduardo Santana asks, “Did Alex have to kill someone to get that VALORANT code?”

Cesar asks, “What do you think about Valorant’s potential to be an esport? Is the game varied from CS:GO enough to be its own entity or do you think there will be some competition there?”

Troy asks, “Help! have a backlog of games to play and need some help prioritizing: Zelda BOTW (currently playing), the last of us, uncharted 4, shadow of colossus, Titanfall 2 and God of War.. I’m taking an apex break until I get these done!”

Barrett Courtney asks, “Based off of this picture, which Final Fantasy character would you make Ian cosplay as?”


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