Travis Scott Fortnite Concert & Modding Skyrim on PC – Pixel Pulse Radio Takeover


The OK Beast Crew gathers for a special one-off episode of Pixel Pulse Radio, wherein Brandon and Alex discuss attending a Travis Scott Fortnite Concert, modding Skyrim on PC, building new gaming computers, and a Nintendo security breach. The step-father-son duo take a look back games released in May of 2010 during a special segment, which included Red Dead Redemption and Splinter Cell: Conviction. Lastly, the guys play a great round of JRPG or Fake? and answer the community’s questions.

The OK Beast Podcast sounds a little different this week. In case you missed it, during our 2019 Extra Life stream, we raised over $4,100 for charity; and one of the fundraising milestones we crushed was a one-shot Pixel Pulse Radio takeover of the OK Beast Podcast. So for this week only, my step-dad Brandon and I return to the 1-on-1 step-father-son format that got us into podcasting back in 2015.

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What We’ve Been Playing:

  • Modding Skyrim on PC
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  • Building and Upgrading Gaming PC’s


Over 12 Million People Just Watched A Wild Travis Scott Show In Fortnite

Nintendo Confirms Around 160,000 Accounts Breached

10 Years Ago This Month: 

We take a look back at the industry happenings and game releases back in April and May of 2010, with highlights such as Red Dead Redemption, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction, and the original Xbox’s discontinuation of Xbox Live support.

JRPG or Fake?

We play one of our favorite games from the Pixel Pulse Radio days, JRPG or Fake?, which combines Brandon’s lack of JRPG knowledge with some complex-sounding titles from the genre.

Listener Questions (Hit us up on Twitter, [email protected])

Cly asks, “Describe your favorite game using one word”

Alex O’Neill asks, “Do you think many games getting pushed back will make us super excited for them when the come up finally, or make us maybe reassess it all and more apathetic?”

Josh Manansala asks, “Do you guys ever miss the pre-okbeast days? Less responsibility, focusing on the one podcast, just being the 2 of you?”

Ian asks, “Which meme is your favorite and why”

Ryan Othman asks, “what do you think of an OKBeast Minecraft Server?”

Adam Leonhardt asks, “When is Brandon going to pay me back? And is Alex watching that stupid Bachelor music show? I can’t bring myself to watch it…”

We’ll see you next week for a [more] normal OK Beast Podcast!


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