A Conversation on Privilege, Empathy, and #BlackLivesMatter – OK Beast Podcast


Hey everyone. We’ve got a bit of a different OK Beast Podcast episode for you this week. Instead of our usual video game-focused show, Ian and Alex sat down to have a conversation on everything happening the past couple of weeks regarding George Floyd, protests surrounding #BlackLivesMatter, and as two white men, how we’re personally trying to become better allies to the Black community through empathy, listening, and ultimately, accountability.

We say it during the episode, but this isn’t a “Holier than Thou” situation, but rather an open conversation about how we’re trying to make change happen. Towards the end of our conversation, we highlighted more Black creators who produce awesome gaming-focused content, and we implore you to check them out below.

We’ll see you next week for a more gaming-focused episode. Thanks for listening!

Support These Creators:

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Places to Donate: 

Black Lives Matter – Fund the Movement

ACLU – Fund Every Fight Ahead


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