Xbox Series X Launch Details – OK Beast Podcast Ep. 203


In this week’s episode of the OK Beast Podcast, the crew discusses the official reveal of the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X launch details, a newly released battle royale called Spellbreak, a recap of the major announcements from the September Ubisoft Forward, and early impressions of Spelunky 2.

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Gaming News: 

Xbox Series X & Series S Leaked & Subsequently Announced Overnight

Here’s a recap of everything that happened during September’s Ubisoft Forward stream

Video Games We’re Currently Playing:

The crew has been playing the following video games this week: Spellbreak, Spelunky 2

Listener Questions (Tweet Us or Email [email protected]):

Austin Ernst asks, “Were you as shocked by the Prince of Persia Remake footage as I was? Oof.”

Josh Manansala asks, “How does this cycle of pre console launch hype compare to previous, non-COVID, launches? No typical E3 or other in-person event hype.”

Alex O’Neill asks, “I’ve seen some backlash to the Series S because of naming confusion and the idea that Sony has “the games people want to play”. Do you guys think this overrides the 25$ a month for 100s of games value, or do you think the perception of “prestige = value” has taken over?”

Eduardo Santana asks, “If Alex had to choose between Sam Splinter Cell’s Boy face or Master Chef’s face on his new mint Xbox Series whatever, which one would he choose?”

John Wahl asks, “Everyone talks about Xbox Series X not having a big game this holiday, but do you think Game Pass can be that “big game”? If they offered a 3 month free trial with the Series S/X does that negate the need for a big AAA exclusive?”

Cly asks, “Have you gotten to demo anything from PAX Online yet, and if so what stood out to you? I demoed unpacking and I absolutely loved it”

Oliver asks, “We talked about the value benefits that the Series S brings to consumers but does the difference between models mean that developers have to optimize for both versions? Does this make the PS5 more developer-friendly?”

Dylan Tierney asks, “I think it’s clear Microsoft is trying to make the console business more like cell phones. Everything from the names to the payment plans make that pretty apparent. Given that there are no interest rates and you technically save in the long run, what do y’all think of this push?”

John Maddock asks, “What makes you horny for the next generation?”

Clint Gilmore asks, “Final guesses for a price on both PS5 options? Also, think we get any surprises during Wednesday’s stream?”

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