About Us

What is OK Beast?

OK Beast is a website dedicated to games and culture. We are a team made up of diverse people with diverse interests and tastes. What we all have in common is our passion for nerd culture. We dedicate ourselves to using creativity for the betterment of the culture we inhabit. Through written articles, podcasts, and videos, we aim to entertain, educate, and have a continual conversation regarding games, music, television, movies, comics, and any other entertainment medium that we have a passion for.

Our current run of shows includes:

The OK Beast Podcast, a gaming and nerd culture centric show where Blessing Adeoye and Ian Preschel get together and talk about the biggest topics in games and nerd culture.

Pixel Pulse Radio, the well-seasoned number one step-father, step-son podcast where Alex Van Aken and Brandon Wilson discuss the latest in gaming news.

A+ Anime, a podcast series where Ian Preschel and Nato Johnston discuss a different anime series each week.

OK Play, a video series where we play a new random game each episode.

OK Beast Stories, a video series by which we dive deep into the countless tales that are waiting to be told within the gaming world.

VLOGS where you’ll get a peek into the personal and cultural side of video games.
Along with reviews, essays, conversations, streams and more.