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How To Be Good At Fighting Games

Blessing: Fighting games can be a hard genre to get into. While playing online, very often you might find yourself being matched with players that seem to play at such a high level that it can overall be discouraging. I know, because…

Breaking Down Level Design in Celeste

Breaking Down Level Design in Celeste - Video Transcript: I was apprehensive at first to jump into Celeste, the new 2D platformer created by Matt Thorson, as my Switch library has been inundated with platformers since early 2017. Games like…

Best Mobile Games of 2017

In today's video, Alex shares his picks for the best mobile games of 2017. Best Mobile Games of 2017 - Transcript: When I mention mobile gaming in conversation with friends and colleagues, I’m usually met with skeptical looks, apathetic…

Why Fullmetal Alchemist Works

In this week's video essay, Ian takes a closer look to see why Full Metal Alchemist works as a good series for new anime fans to start with. Remember for more anime goodness to check out the A+ Anime podcast!